Employee Compensation and Benefits Plans

Integrating personal and corporate compensation for owner/managers, key employees and regular employees is critical to attracting and keeping good staff as well as minimizing taxation. We work extensively with our clients to design and implement such plans using a wide variety of structures including employee benefit plans, group RRSPs, private health savings plans, executive carve-outs, salary continuation plans, deferred profit sharing plans and individual pension plans.

We act as independent brokers to advise and assist with the implementation and review of benefit plans paying special attention to communication and service. Our aim is to create customized group savings and investment programs designed to meet the needs of both the company and employees by selecting the best elements of all the products and services available in the industry. We will help you plan and implement the best, all-inclusive and no-hassles solution. We will provide you:

  • If you already have an employee benefits plan - a review of your current plan and recommend any changes to improve the value of the plan.
  • Conduct a market survey - a quote comparison from most major group insurance companies.
  • Analyze all quotations received.
  • Present a detailed analysis.
  • Make recommendations based on the analysis.
  • Facilitate the transaction of any insurance business.
  • Assist clients in implementing the program within the company including communication with employees and administrators.
  • Provide on-going consultation & service.